Skills and attitude training for individuals new to the leadership/officer role as well as
those wanting to
improve their present style.
Individuals are taught how to deal with the "people" component of leading a group-how to
develop people to realize their full potential while contributing to the effectiveness of the
organization. This is a hands-on workshop (two to four days) on transactional and
transformational leadership. Students examine the difference between leading and
managing, its challenges, and specifics on how to work with an increasingly diverse


Down to earth strategies for teams experiencing any or all of the following problems:
Ineffective decision making (passing the buck, procrastination, lack of commitment,
insufficient information gathering, poor follow-up), interpersonal conflicts (arguing,
backstabbing, dropping out, sabotage), people working from their own agendas (pulling in
different directions, shifting priorities, not giving 100%), finger-pointing (blaming, stuff "falling
through the cracks," excuses rather than answers, fear of failing), too many meetings (not
getting things accomplished,confusion over purpose or process of meeting, wrong people
attending, wasting time). This strategy works well with intact teams that want to increase
their effectiveness, or are facing serious internal conflicts and want them cured. They use a
written team assessment instrument to identify areas of strength and opportunity, and then
become change agents in addressing areas they wish to change.


One-on-one coaching sessions for individuals wanting to improve their present leadership
effectiveness. Intervention includes extensive exposure to cutting edge approaches to
leading in a dynamic work environment. The sessions usually involve working with a senior
level person to identify strengths and liabilities, and to initiate strategies to continuous
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