A team oriented approach to identifying and agreeing on a strategic planning process that
prepares the organization for present and future challenges, while empowering the entire
workforce in ensuring its success.

This is a "roll up your sleeves" intervention that usually starts with a two day workshop to orient
the players and begin the process. Participants identify organization mission, strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, threats, beliefs, etc. They discuss and agree on actions to realize
optimal future success. As the process matures, strategic planning becomes part of the normal
organizational language and its corresponding activities.


With officers retiring and departments reconfiguring, the need for an effective process for
preparing future leaders is now more critical than ever before. This intervention focuses on
identifying key leaders, core competencies, organizational direction and values, and essential
activities required in the development of a comprehensive plan for ensuring the longevity of a
successful department.

This is another long-term sort of process that begins with the group identifying what makes
them special, why a succession plan is essential for the long-term health of the department,
and what core competencies are needed for people to lead successfully.
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