Train the Trainer -- Team Effectiveness

We have all lived through that deadly training workshop...the one where the instructor reads
through PowerPoint after PowerPoint, hundreds of them, in a monotone, without any hint of
attending to the students and their desire and ability to learn. This train-the-trainer workshop
focuses on how to maximize the opportunity for the adult student to take information, analyze
strengths and weaknesses of alternatives, test consequences, and design actions to use the
learning "back at home." A wide range of adult learning practices are introduced that increase
student involvement. No longer do you ever have to feel that you didn't give your students one
hundred percent!.


Why is it that we get along well with some people and can’t stand others? And why is it that
some people “get it,” while others “don’t get it?” Understanding ourselves is the first step
towards effective interpersonal interactions. Understanding each other is the next step.
This workshop addresses elements essential to increased interpersonal effectiveness.
This class is a must for everyone!
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